MORTAL KOMBAT X apk Hack Mod Download

Mortal kombat x android APK Hack Mod Download-

Mortal kombat x android hack mod is a fighting video game with a great graphics.It is the tenth main installments into the mortal kombat video game series and

Like previous mortal kombat android apk , Mortal Kombat x APk hack gameplay consists of two players,or one player and the cpu,fighting against each other with their selected character,using a large,varied array of attacks.The Mortal kombat X android hack Apk contains several modes such as  a story mode,which takes place twenty years after the previous Mortal kombat game.Realistics graphic and  amazing characters will make you much  fun playing the game.

Mortal kombat X received mostly positive reviews from critics upon release.Most praise was directed at the game’s control,graphics,story and character .

Mortal kombat x mod apk itself looks good, with fluid 3D graphics, nicely detailed character models and smooth animations for fighting moves and poses. Despite pulling off some impressive attacks on-screen, the controls for each character’s move set is distilled down to tapping and occasionally swiping for offensive plays, two fingers held on-screen to defend and a button that results in a quick time event to unleash a special attack.


  • Mortal kombat x android hack mod apk is high quality visuals.Performance is not optimized on devices with less than 1 GB RAM.
  • A minimum of 1.5 GB of ffree space is required on your device.
  • contains intensive violense,blood,and gore.

The story mode of Mortal kombat x hack apk contains 12 chapters total. Each chapter focuses on a single character from the series and contains a combination of fights and extended cut-scenes.

Below is a list that shows the chapters in order:

  1. johnny cage
  2. kotal kahn
  3. sub-zero
  4. kung-jin
  5. sonya blade
  6. D’vorah
  7. Takeda Takahashi
  8. jax
  9. scorpian
  10. Raiden
  11. jacqui briggs
  12. cassie cage

Mortal kombat x android hack mod apk fetures:-

infinite souls

infinite coins

infinite ally credit


unlocked characters

unlocked backgrounds

Enemy has zero touchness

Enemy has Zero Recovery

Infinite energy of cards

player has fastest skill

infinite health.

How to download Mortal kombat X android hack mod

Find out our device GPU model(adreno,Mali,Tegra,Powervr)

Download both Mod and APK.

Install the apk and put the obb file in “android/obb” folder in your device.

Now play and enjoy.


Mortal kombat x android hack mod apk:-


Alternate download link:-

Rexdfile:- in?id=mortal-kombat-x-apk






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